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YouTube SEO

Need Your Videos Ranked Up On YouTube?

If you're reading this, we know for sure that you could use help with promoting your YouTube videos or the channel itself. We are experts in promoting videos using Search Engine Optimization. We can help you get more views, likes and subscriptions on YouTube.

How Do We Do It?

Need Your Videos Ranked Up On YouTube?

First off, you’ll be having a free discussion with us either over the phone or email. Then, we’ll identify the target keywords and proceed to the keyword research, which is a core process of the whole optimization. Then, if necessary, we’ll tweak the video, its thumbnails and make sure the video is clickworthy. The next step will be to optimize the Titles & Descriptions of your YouTube videos - with the data we collected via the keyword research. We will be also setting up the relevant tags that’ll get the video ranked on top of the YouTube search.

The YouTube video SEO process doesn’t stop there. We will be providing you with guidelines and tactics on how to share it across your social media platforms.

YouTube SEO Services Built for Your Business

Our YouTube SEO services provide your company with a turn-key solution to video optimization. As a part of your YouTube optimization services, our team (and your dedicated account manager) takes several steps to help your video earn shares, views, traffic, and even sales. A few of the steps in our process include:


Keyword research is an integral part of content optimization, and it’s just as important to YouTube SEO.
To determine what terms users are searching for on YouTube, our YouTube SEO agency will perform keyword research.
We'll be able to gain insight into what other phrases users are searching for that relate to the ones you want to target.
But what do keywords have to do with your YouTube SEO success?


Did you know that the click-through rate (CTR) of your videos has a lot to do with the thumbnail you choose? If it’s not engaging and encouraging, users will likely click on another video.
The thumbnail is the photo that you choose as the cover of your video and the image that users will see when they’re scrolling down through search results.
Our agency will provide video thumbnail optimization as one of its YouTube SEO services to encourage clicks and views.


Equally as important as your video titles are your video descriptions.
To ensure that your descriptions show off your videos’ best qualities, your agency will optimize your description for your target keywords and ensure that it’s long enough.They’ll also make sure that all the small details are squared away, like your keyword appearing within the first 25 words of your description.


In YouTube, when you post a video, you can add tags. Tags help users that have never heard of you find you — they’re similar to hashtags on Instagram.
Typically, you should ensure that your first tag is the keyword you’re trying to rank for ultimately. Then, you’ll include different variations of that keyword, and some general umbrella terms for the topic you’re covering.

Email Marketing Software

Our clients will be able to use our recommended email marketing software. Our agency will help you select and implement an email marketing software to receive leads and send emails. If you have a preferred email marketing software, we can also integrate with yours if it fits within our capabilities.

Email Newsletters

Our email marketing specialists will design email newsletters that reflect your business. The emails we develop will use best-practices for email deliverability, open rates, click-through-rates, and conversions. The content within your emails may include relevant blogs, case studies, upcoming events, and more.

Email List Maintenance

Our agency will also perform routine list maintenance. It is important to remove unengaged subscribers from your email list. If your subscribers do not engage with your emails, it will negatively impact your email deliverability. In other words, if you have a bad list, you will end up in spam. We will monitor your contacts’ engagement on an ongoing basis to ensure that you have an engaged email list.

Email Marketing Reporting

Our agency will send reports every month to breakdown your email marketing performance. The main metrics we look at are subscribers, open-rates, click-through rates, and conversions. We will review, analyze, and strategize to improve these results each month.